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Daily Archives: September 27th, 2021

Huge I say.

Just a little gift from Jake this morning. His friend grew it and left it on his deck, a “little” cabbage. So he sends it to me and asks for a jar of sauerkraut. Okay!

After I trimmed the outter leaves and root off.

I forgot to weigh it before I started cutting but the best guess is it weighed about 20 lbs. It wasn’t a very tight head so not as much there as you might think.

Cross section.

Then I sliced it all up and started mixing salt and beating the daylights out of it. It’s a great way to work out aggression! I also used some whey to jumpstart the lacto-fermentation process (WAP method, adapted from Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon).

BTW, to get the whey I strain out some plain organic yogurt in cheesecloth. The resulting cheese will be used like cream cheese, it’s delicious. It also makes the BEST cheesecake.

Straining my yogurt.

After it was all said and done I got about a gallon of kraut. Jake gets the little jar. 😜

A quart and gallon jar ready to ferment.

#aklife #preservingtheharvest #healthyfoods #lactoferment