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Monthly Archives: August 2021

Today we started standing walls. Got 3 done. Tomorrow will be finishing framing and sheeting then trusses will be delivered at noon.

Let me just brag a little on the beautiful weather we’ve had the last two days. So nice. Alaska tan coming my way, right before the rain. ☔



Happy birthday Dad.

August 31, 1951 a little boy was born in Michigan. Today would have been his 70th birthday. Blessed memory.

Started the day off with getting our electric service hooked up. Dean worked on sizing joists while I set up our rain shelter and hooked up our temp power outlets.

The mill broke down so Sheldon showed up on the job site to give us a hand. We sailed through setting the floor system and in no time the sheeting was down and BAM!

Look Ma, it’s a floor!

Tomorrow is walls! Woohoo!



I just thought I was going to sit here and enjoy a quiet cup of coffee...

No rest for the weary. Finished one cabin yesterday and rolled into the new job site this morning. This is a 12′ x 24′ cabin, dry in only. (No interior or finish work!!)

We spent half a day gathering supplies. The rest of the day we set our paver/pier foundation & brackets.

Ready for the floor system.

Then we sized our rough sawn beams and set them into place. Leveled and squared them and cut our rim joist and laid out our joist placement.

Time flies when you’re having fun. Time to clean up and stow our tools. Monday we will knock out the floor joists and blocking. Hopefully getting some sheeting down for the floor too.

Fireweed is almost done. Winter is coming

Finished!! The building that is. There’s still plenty of clean up to be done this weekend. On to another waiting project.





Orange & Banana, our new fruity hens.