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Daily Archives: January 29th, 2021

A white rose for my Grandma and a pink rose for my Mama.

When I think of my Grandmother it’s always accompanied by roses. Beautiful red old fashioned trailing roses next to the house. Meticulously tooled leather roses on all of her things. Bouquets of fresh flowers with roses on her “bar”. In her middle name.

Grandma when she married Grandpa W., and the face I remember.

It’s been 16 years now since she entered her rest. She may be absent from this world, but she’s always there in the shadows of my mind. Some times she comes out of my mouth, with some little phrase. When I make potato salad. Sometimes it’s her picture I find while looking for something else. Other times it’s in the way Thing 1 looks when she holds her head a certain way. I see her in my Mom too.

Today I light a candle for Emma Rosetta Wadkins, of blessed memory.

The human soul is a light from God.

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That’s how I feel this past week has gone, a busy, buzzy, blur.

We took last Friday off to spend the weekend at the cabin. I love going to the cabin but it requires a significant amount of preparation what with taking six people and a dog. So the day off from building work was spent on prepping work, grocery planning and shopping along with packing food and supplies. Then there’s the loading of the snow machines and gear, which Dean usually takes care of. So not really a “day off” from working.

But when you finally get there, the peace and quiet sets in and all that hustle and bustle is worthwhile. Then it feels like you’re a lazy little bee buzzing leisurely from flower to flower without a care in the world.

Back to work Monday and along came the snow. Dean works snow removal at nights when we’re in a snow cycle. Monday night was snow removal after building that day. Then Tuesday we started at a one hour delay and worked a short day because he had to go in Tuesday night. Weds was another short day and as soon as we got back from work we got a call for another moose salvage, so back out to collect a very young injured moose that had to be put down. Another late night. Moose takes precedence. Dean was supposed to work snow removal that night so Jake filled in so we could get the moose.

Thursday was another “day off” to work up the moose that we’d prepped and quartered the night (early morning?) before. Dean worked snow removal that night and I worked the moose.

Feeling a bit like burning the candle at both ends. Today we’re just wiped out. It’s not productive to try to build in cold temps while also being physically exhausted, neither is it safe. So we’re home again today. I’ll work on canning some of this moose meat, there’s nothing quite as good as fresh canned moose. And maybe take a nap.

I’ve never been more grateful to have so much to do.

A bee’s work is never done. 🐝