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Today we started working this moose up into sausage. Our two mainstays are country style sage breakfast sausage and Italian sausage. I took some time this morning to figure out my seasoning mixes before heading to the store to pick up a few necessary items.

Country breakfast sausage blend

It took me a lot longer than planned to get my shopping done so Dean prepped the grinder and started working on the moose before I got home. What a guy! He and Little Mister we’re ready to get grinding by the time I got my two sausage mixes ready.

Italian style sausage blend

Little Mister was very helpful but the grinder was too loud for him so…

Now it’s not so loud!

He and Dad got the first grind done then he helped Mom second grind and package our breakfast sausage. We got 10 lbs.

Breakfast sausage

My country sausage blend was a tad on the salty side. Note to self to adjust blend a little for the next batch.

We ended up with 20# of Italian sausage. I think there’s about 10 more pounds of meat left to process before getting the dog food started. Tomorrow we’ll do it all again.




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