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It’s a thing here in Alaska, to salvage moose after vehicle collision. If your lucky enough to get called, a quick response is required. Go pick up the critter beside the road and then bring it home to process it.

We got a call this morning just in time for Dean to load it into the truck and get it home, hang it up for me then leave for work. Lucky guy. So guess who got to process this little fella single handedly? Well I did have a good bit of assistance from Thing 2, so there’s that.

We had a host of onlookers patiently waiting for a scrap or two.

3 of the 11 eagles who came by to watch.
The first feathered friend to visit. They are so big.

It was cold today and I had to work against the sub zero temps. It took me about 3-4 hours but I got this little guy quartered and in the house to clean up and prep for processing. The rest of the day was spent picking hair, cleaning and cutting up the quarters. My bathtub looked like Lizzy Borden had been there.

This calf was pretty small. About half of him was too damaged for human consumption so will be made into dog food for Panda Bear. The rest of him will be processed into tasty breakfast sausage.

Its bittersweet when a young moose goes this way, but we’re thankful for the opportunity to make something good come from it. Tomorrow will be another full day of grinding, making sausage and dog food.




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