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Daily Archives: November 9th, 2020

Spent some time this morning studding my tires. *See previous post*

I bought these studs a couple of years ago and just finally got the nerve up to install them. I was a little freaked out about ruining my tires.

These things cost about $1 each and require a special install tool. Their are many sizes to chose from, I picked these since my tires have thick tread.

It may not look like it but I wiped the tire off to remove gravel and sand on each place I drove a stud. Carefully and slowly, I drove them in just until the driver tips we’re just pushing into the tire.

My Makita, the best lil drill ever, with the install tool and a bag o’studs.

I’ve got the two front tires finished and will tackle the rear tires next.

Let’s hope this makes traveling this winter safer and easier.

Oh, a bonus is that they also work great in your snow boots! Give them a try.

I put 6 studs in each sole of my Baffins that I work in. Don’t wear them inside!






Snow + warmer temps + rain = ice