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Monthly Archives: October 2020

No work for me today so the kids and I spent some time outdoors. We took a little walk to the sawmill. Little Mister wanted to go help Dad at work. So we leashed up Panda and went for a walk. Once there, Lil Mister went to work shoveling sawdust while Panda explored these new surroundings.

Doggie supervisor, note ear protection in Lil Mister’s ears. Safety First!

Then Lil Bit and I went berry picking for more lingonberries. And a botany lesson for good measure.

The start of our berry harvest and an unusual uprooted tree stump.

Just a regular day.

Making a solar print.

We got about one cup of berries this time, they are slowing down. Might get out once more for a few more. We’ll freeze these for making cranberry nut bread for Thanksgiving dinner.





Four years ago my Seester came to visit me. Seems like yesterday and yet so long ago! I told her last week that it’s her turn to come visit me!!

Tu me manques.

Pumpkin parfait
Snickers salad

It’s Sukkot and that means lots of gathering together to eat all those special things we don’t normally eat. Like these two dishes.

I loosely based my pumpkin parfait on this recipe. I substituted granola for the Graham crackers and dark Mexican style caramel sauce for the Torani’s. It was a smashing success and no leftovers.

For the Snickers salad I used this recipe. I know, I know, you can’t believe I made a dish with candy bars in it. What can I say, Alaska changes you. I portioned this one out so everyone got a little, so we actually had a bit of leftovers. I hid them in the fridge so the kids don’t know.

Tonight we’re having a Mexican themed taco night. I’m off the hook for dessert but I’m making a few savoury dishes like halibut mango ceviche and cilantro lime slaw.

Happy Sukkot!

Wildcrafting. Verb. The practice of harvesting plants from their natural, or ‘wild’ habitat, primarily for food or medicinal purposes. Also called foraging.

Wild crafting has been a way of life for me but since moving to Alaska it has gained significance. Foraging is a cultural practice here as Native Alaskans have been doing for eons. Plus there are simply so many edible things here in the wild. From spruce needles to mushrooms (multiple edible species), flowers and teas and berries. Oh the berries.

It’s autumn here and that means lingonberries, or as the locals refer to them, low bush cranberries are ready. says this about the Lingonberry, (Vaccinium vitis-idaea), also called cowberry, foxberry, or rock cranberry, small creeping plant of the heath family (Ericaceae), related to the blueberry and cranberry.  And they are delicious.

I’ve been checking them since moose hunting to see if they were ready and finally they are. We’ve had a few good hard frosts and that always makes them sweeter!

A cluster of cranberries.

My berry buddy, Lil Mister, came along and we went exploring. He’s a good berry picker and with his lower-to-the-ground perspective, finds many that I miss!

Little hands picking little berries.

My favorite parts of berry picking are the conversations which span the entirety of the 6 year old imagination, and that little hand slipping into mine and strolling hand in hand with my littlest one. It just melts my heart.

With this batch we’re going to try our first attempt at cranberry cordial. I’m using this recipe as my guide, but I reduced the sugar by half.

Now the hard part, waiting for it to macerate!