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Daily Archives: June 25th, 2020

2020 was another epic year, but not because we got a lot of fish. We were on the beach June 10th and left June 25th.

Our Kitchen on wheels!

Mr P had the idea to make our kitchen on his trailer. So he and Dean put it together on the beach after much assembly at home. We covered it with tarps and clear plastic and moved in!

The “cooking” side. Yes that is an oven!!
The “canning” side.

Having the elevated, separate kitchen was wonderful! It kept most of the sand out as well as the young ‘uns.The dinning hall.

Our solar chandelier.

Welcome to “On the Rocks Bar”.

Cheers to another year of fishing, friends & fun!

Mo & I set up camp a few days early, in hopes to enjoy a slower pace before the fishing frenzy began. Not sure that worked out for us, but we did enjoy the extra time. It allowed us to slowly set up camp and get it just right before everyone else showed up.
We were missing Niki and Chris this year, felt a little strange without our fishcamp buddies. But we still had Mr P & Mrs Jane and Mr Jimmy.

Mr Jimmy had come out earlier in the year to set out some stakes. We found them with the help of Mr P and began the job of setting up camp.

Once we all arrived we had 300′ of beach sprawl to allow three nets for four families to use. Two potty tents, a kitchen, dinning hall, storage areas, kids canopy (with carpeting), four main campsites with a hodgepodge of tents, campers and canopies. Two four-wheelers and a dozen or so kids running around, give or take a few.

Then the work began. Fishing was restricted again this year, we could only fish one tide a day. (Due to lowered king salmon returns.) This allowed for a slower pace but it significantly reduced our overall catch. None of us limited out. Most of us got enough to get us through the year, we hope. You never know year to year how much you’re going to actually go through. Some years we eat way more salmon than others. It definitely is a staple in our diet.
In between fishing we always make time for fun and games. The kids come up with their own entertainment, like this duo.And then there’s the card and board games. I found “Joe Name It” at the thrift store this year and it was a lot of laughs. Hmmm…. Arts & crafts time. They made jelly fish.Then there’s the friends who come to visit and bring their little puppers. And not so little puppers. Burt still has that puppy demeanor even tho he’s as big as a horse.Once in a while there’s even time for laying down on the job. It’s a hard life Mr. Jimmy! There’s always time for good food though. We do eat well at fish camp. Mo is the “Kitchen Queen”.These enchiladas were amazeballs.Dessert even. Oy I ate too much.Dean does a damned fine job of grilling. He usually works all day then comes down to the beach at night. He can sure cook up some delicious food even after working a full day.This year was a bit overcast and drizzling so the camp stove was a must. We enjoyed its warmth under our dry canopy.This old fire pit of Niki’s sure has been handy. One bent leg gets propped up in a rock. And a salvaged oven rack with two pieces of rebar makes a nice cooking surface. Hey, we’re Alaskans, we make do.The kids are always up for a wienie roast. Which is good for when camp isn’t set up and we have no kitchen. Putting the nets away for the night. We pull them, stretch them out and flag repairs, Jane takes the time to carefully mend each one, then we gather and store the nets up beach. Get up the next day and start over again.Here’s to having a warm, dry kitchen out of the wind. L’chaim!And that’s a wrap. Another year in the books. Smoked salmon and plain jarred salmon adorn our pantry shelves. Life is good.