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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Oh how the world shuts down (if you’re a kid)!

Woke up early on the 16th with what I hoped was a short-lived stomach bug. But by 9 am I knew it wasn’t typical, the severity of the pain and location were just not right. I dealt with it all day, in bed. Dean came over to help keep kids quiet so I could rest. Moira came over with food and comfort and oils. I made use of everything I could think of to help ease my own suffering. Hoping to myself, sure hope the kids don’t get this! 

By 12 hours I’d had it. No improvement in pain although it had moved and centralized in my lower right abdomen, yeah I had an inclination. I made the decision to have it checked out, and Dean drove me to the ER around 6 pm.

Have I mentioned my dislike of allopathic ways and conventional medical treatments? Some of you are aware… So you know it was bad for me to go in. 

Dean had returned home to stay with the kids. So I was chilling solo in the hospital. Kind’ve an odd place to be alone.

A few hours later I had the diagnosis, appendicitis, immediate surgery needed.

Things moved pretty quickly and by 11:43 I was rousing from the anesthetic. That was fast. 
Recovery has been interesting what with Lil Mister and all. I’ve taken three good shots to the midsection thanks to him. And the stress of it all has taken its toll on the bigger kids. But hopefully I’m close to that turning point of lessened pain. And although healing is far from over with, maybe life won’t be quite so hard with Mama not completely MIA.

Many thanks to my friends and family who’ve prayed for, thought of & checked on me and kept my mind occupied. Special thanks to Dean, Moira, Niki & Zach for their help and support.

It’s good to be home.