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Daily Archives: October 21st, 2016

Ta ta for now. 

Bye Cletus, see you soon. 

It’s always bittersweet to end my Seester time. I so enjoyed having Claire, John and Bryan here. Getting to share my Alaska with people I love…. Priceless.

I can’t wait till next time!!!


Took the kids out for some fun, Cabin Fever Creations and ceramic painting. 

Lots of paint and glaze every where.

Cletus, Thing 1 and I went for pedicures. Thing 1’s first time! 

She wasn’t so sure she liked done strange  touching her feet and legs! 

But she got some pretty blue piggy paint.

My tootsies way out there. 

We saw quite a few waterfalls on our adventure, a couple over at Seward.

And of course this one outside Anchorage.