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Monthly Archives: February 2016

The visitor center in Homer is full of learning experiences. We learned about our local seabird colonies, life aboard a ship, and migratory patterns of salmon. Lots of photo ops.


Science, geography, & history all in one.


Baby moose photo op.


Silly kids and an enormous seal.



We took Pearl for our first road trip to Homer. And one cannot go to Homer without at least cruising by the Salty Dawg Saloon.
Starting out as a mere cabin in 1897, it has served as a post office, a train station, grocery store, and a coal mining office. Around 1909 it got a new life as a school house when a second building was added. Then again serving as a post office, and grocery store.
Sometime in 1957 it became a saloon.
After the Quake of 64, the buildings were moved to the spit and the lighthouse tower was added to camouflage a water storage tank.
One of the most recognized landmarks in the state of Alaska.
For more info go to
And when you come to visit us, we’ll go visit the Salty Dawg!

On our way to the airport in January, I hit black ice and spun off the road, down the ditch and hit the moose fence in Anchorage. Not the best way to start a journey.
The wreck ended up totaling our 04 Envoy as it toasted the tranny along with the body damage.
So the search for a new ride that fit us all was on. We had found an 03 Dodge RAM 4 door that was roomy and we had settled in it. It had some body rust though and was a year older so there were some reservations.
Then we spotted this beauty and the rest is herstory. Dubbed “The Black Pearl”, Pearl for short, she’s our family’s ship.


Protected by pirates.

Pearl has magical off-road abilities and brilliantly bright headlights. And she is just plain fun to drive. Plus there’s room for a couple more pirates should any swing over for a parlay.

All settled in at home, recovered from the jet lag, still working on everyone getting over these colds. Cut wood today.
Life in Alaska.

How many states can we see on one vacation?

Start in Alaska, hop over to Washington skip to Missouri. Jump over to Iowa, kids went to Nebraska, I went back through Missouri to Kansas, then back to Missouri. Soon I’ll be headed back to Iowa for one more night, then return to Missouri to catch a flight.

So for our family, it looks like 6 is our magic number.

I think I already have jet lag.

We’ve enjoyed every minute, every mile and especially every smile.


ETA: I forgot Oklahoma.