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Daily Archives: January 31st, 2016

Last Sunday I took the kids to meet their Aunt De to spend time with their Nebraska family. Talk about a sweet reunion!


They were so happy to see her!!
With the big kids being gone, me and the little mister had to hang out at Aunt Claire’s and get by without them. It was rough let me tell ya! Little Mister missed his siblings terribly.


But we managed.
We decided Monopoly was a good idea, until…


Uncle John decided to be a jerk and put hotels up.


Short bus candidate.

But all was well by morning and we had our coffee.
More quietness with -3 kids than I’m used to.
Friday was travel day, back to SE Kansas. And we’ve been going ever since.
Had a great visit with our cousins from Louisiana and reminisced some red dirt, fire ants and lizzards. Some of the best childhood memories!
Had lots of fun with Bryan and his family. Then Emma late Sat night. Finally got to meet all of her lil ones!
More to do today so I am up and at ’em earlier than I’d normally be…
But the homesickness is creeping in. And I’m ready for my big kids to be back.

A few more people to see, memories to be made and laughs to be had then it’s North to Alaska, my home, sweet home.