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Made a little trip out to the cabin this past weekend. Had meant to spend Thanksgiving out there for the long weekend but the weather warmed up and we had so much rain I feared we’d get stuck out there. So we made the best of Thanksgiving at home.

Now that we’ve got our cold back and had a bit of snow, we trekked out. The trail was a bit rough after the thaw and refreeze, bumpy sled ride for the kids. But we made it in right at nightfall.

Spent a day and half out there, time enough to get stuff put away and then pack up to leave again! And much to my dismay, some idiots had completely tore up the trail the night before. They were trying to drive a couple of trucks out. Busted through the ice, made many a messy spots along the way. Made for a more bumpier ride back out. Some people. *sigh* But alas, such is life.

If it stays cold we’ll soon be able to drive the vehicle out soon. Which the kiddos much prefer! Something about a heater and no snow in their faces… gee whiz.


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