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Daily Archives: February 10th, 2014

Seeing my first volcanic activity today on the way home from work. Mt. Redoubt had a small plume of smoke/ash. It seems that there was a 2.0 earthquake this afternoon over there and the result is some venting.

  1. a moose walks through your job site
  2. a bald eagle flies over-head
  3. you have to set up lights and shovel snow before you can start work
  4. your “uniform” is Carhartts and Baffin boots
  5. breaks consist of warming your hands in front of the heater
  6. visitors come by on snow-machines
  7. you work outside all week and still dream about going “outside”
  8. you know what #7 means
  9. your co-worker shares moose jerky with you
  10. you don’t pay state income taxes!!!!