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Daily Archives: November 12th, 2013

With the kiddos feeling ill and the weather turning chill (I’m a poet, lol) it’s time for some beef broth. I found some long beef bones at the store a while back, stuck ’em in the freezer for just such a day. I need a bigger stock pot though… Toss in some fresh rosemary, dried parsley, onion, lots of garlic, carrots, potatoes and salt and simmer away.

Beef bone broth not only warms the body, but it’s full of nutrients that do a body good. These bones that I’m using aren’t ideal, smaller bones with more cartilage would be better for their higher gelatin content, but you do with what you have around here. It is best to slowly cook the broth for days. Actually, a crock pot is great and you can make “perpetual broth” which you just keep adding ingredients and water to as you use broth out of your pot.

Believe it or not, this is the first pot of bone broth I’ve made since moving here. Sad, I know. But better late than never! 😉 Now I just need to get a crock of ‘kraut and some kombucha brewing and I’ll be back in the swing of things!

Pot of bone broth in the making.

Pot of bone broth in the making.


It snowed Sunday night, our first snow as Alaska residents. The kids got to go outside while it was coming down just for a few minutes since it was late and getting dark. The next day, I had an off day from work and after we tidied up the house they got to go outside and really play in the snow. We only got a couple of inches this time, so not really enough to make anything dynamic with it, but fun to play in none-the-less.

Dean 368

The girls wanted to snowball fight but for some reason, their brother did not. Hmmm, me thinks they were ganging up on him.

Dean 371

I asked “How much do you love the snow?” “This much” says Thing Two!

Dean 369

Our backyard and the play set.

Today they are only enjoying the snow from the window sill, coughs and sniffles are keeping them inside. 😦
But we will survive by baking some banana bread!