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Daily Archives: November 4th, 2013

There is something incredibly satisfying about working with wood. It is so natural, so honest, so real. To take a tree, standing, living, breathing just months ago, cut it down, mill it into rough cut lumber, refine and finish it into a home. It really is amazing.

You don’t fundamentally change it (it’s still wood) but you do change it in some ways. You leave a lasting product that has a legacy. You shape it, refine the rough edges off (if so desired), you finish it, giving it some level of protection from the elements, helping it to last longer.

It’s sort of like raising kids. 😉

English: Picea glauca taiga, Denali Highway, A...

White spruce, Denali Highway, Alaska; Alaska Range in the background. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most of the wood we are building with is White Spruce, just like these.

Dean 342

Cabin in progress, August 2013.

This is the cabin we are just about finished with.