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Daily Archives: June 26th, 2013



The experts say it takes two weeks (or is it three) to develop a new routine or habit. We’re working on our third week here and thankfully we’ve started to develop some new routines.


The big one would be bedtime of course.


Going to bed when it’s still broad daylight outside is a challenge to anyone, especially to children. Thanks to blinds and a dark curtain, we have finally gotten into the swing of going to bed by 9 pm. The little ones are headed to bed at 8:30 and Thing 1 gets to read for a while before bedtime. But lights out at 9!
Mom is doing good too in that regard. Still a night owl, but not the 2 am sort anymore. I’m rarely up past midnight, and when I am, it’s usually because I had to work or we were doing something outdoors that kept us out late. I’m up early too most days. A real change for me to say the least!


Another great routine is tidying up the place. Our apartment is definitely not cluttered (we don’t have too much stuff yet) and we like it that way. The kids have several toys and are learning to keep them picked up when not playing with them. Thing 1 has a tote full of craft supplies that our neighbor gave her that she also likes to get out and string all over the place. As long as she picks up after herself and puts everything away, we are good!


The dishes are put away and dirties loaded into the washer, rarely do we have a sink full of dirty dishes! It’s an awesome feeling! Plus my counter-tops are clear! And for any of you close enough to me to know that this is a big issue for me! 🙂


The next routine is that of getting used to the new job then come fall, incorporating our homeschooling into this schedule. Working odd shifts that change daily is going to be a challenge, but thankfully we have some good people helping provide us with childcare! I’m very thankful for that! It’s hard enough to find folks to care for your kids when you’ve lived somewhere for years, let alone a few weeks! I am truly blessed that YHVH has brought us several good people to help fill this need!