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Kids are funny. They are perceptive and observant, they don’t miss much. You can ask them one minute what they like and you’ll get a “eh, I don’t know” but the next minute they are exclaiming how wonderful or awesome this or that is. I asked them what they liked so far about living in Alaska and this is what they said:

Thing 1’s favorites things: Going to the beach and playing in the water, making sand castles, playing with friends, eating (fresh canned) salmon patties, spending time with “Uncle Deano” (who is just a big kid himself), being at Papa’s cabin, and I love 4 wheeling! (she’s quite good on the 4 wheeler too!)

Thing 1 in the loft, reading of course!

Thing 1 in the loft, reading of course!

Thing 2’s favorites things: being at Papa’s cabin, playing with new friends, going to the beach, climbing the bluff, eating salmon and halibut – Yum!

Thing 2 in his "pirate ship"

Thing 2 in his “pirate ship”

Little Bit likes to: go to the park, play at Jake’s house with his kids, going to the beach, watching moose and moose babies.

Little Bit on her teeter totter.

Little Bit on her teeter totter.

The big kid, Mama likes all of those things too, but gazing at the mountains in the early morning or late day sun is my favorite. Being on the beach in the evening with the light reflecting off of the water is a close second. Being at the cabin, where it is so peaceful and relaxing is beyond my wildest dreams. I really get it why Dad lived out there. There are days when I just long to be out there. Unfortunately reality set in and keeps me from spending too much time at the cabin. Hopefully that will change soon. Until then, I’ll enjoy every little minute I get out there.


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