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Daily Archives: June 21st, 2013

My Dad had a lot of friends, he loved to socialize and have a good time and he made friends easily.
A regular party animal.
Death has a way of bringing out the good and the bad in people, you can always tell who the true friends are.

Mike and Tami were close neighbors to Dad at the cabin. They spent countless hours together. They have continued to be good friends to my Dad through their kindness and helpfulness. Looking after Dad’s place, weeding the garden, staying in touch with me, going above and beyond to honor his memory. When Dad died, Tami sent me many photos of Dad hanging out with them. Precious memories and I’m very thankful for them!

Scott and Deni are another pair of cabin neighbors that spent a lot of time with my Dad. Scott and family have been good to care for Dad’s place, weed the garden, and stay in touch as well. He sent me a lot of photos of Dad, and a hilarious video too. Things that make me smile! Knowing that so many people loved my Dad and still care enough about him to honor his memory, gives me great comfort.

Then there’s Dean. Dean was Dad’s closest friend. He has been such an asset to us, showing us how to live up here, taking us to the cabin, he’s a real gem. He’s a walking encyclopedia for Alaska life and has plenty of stories to tell on my Dad! Without Dean, we wouldn’t be able to even make it to the cabin. I’m eternally grateful for his help and friendship.

Dad had many more friends of course. Some of which were very close to him during his life and were very helpful immediately following Dad’s death. Many of them helped during the memorial preparations, like Tim & Patsy did. Jake is another of Dad’s friends who filled a very important position along with Dean of accompanying us to the funeral home to say our last good-byes. Jake has been good to welcome us here after our move along with his family, my kids enjoy spending time there.
All of these people are special to me to one degree or another.

Death brings with it the end of some friendships, here in this world at least, and yet it brings the beginning of others. If I can find the good in my Dad’s death, it’s the new friendships that I’ve found through his life and his death.

Dad with Tami

Dad with Tami


Scott and Dad enjoying life!


Mike and Dad, all smiles!