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Daily Archives: June 13th, 2013


We’ve been in Alaska for a little more than a week, 9 days to be exact. So far we have found an apartment, I’ve interviewed for a job, and we’ve done an amazing amount of exploring in such a short time. The kids are settling in well. One of our neighbors has a child the same age as my son. They are becoming friends.

We’ve been to the beach numerous times, collected ample rocks and shells, which are scattered to and fro through the apartment.

We’ve been to Homer to see the mountains, and the plethora of eagles.

We’ve made a few new friends and found an awesome park in Soldotna.

We’re adjusting to the daylight but still working on bedtime! 😉 It’s hard to go to sleep when you are a kid and it’s still bright outside! It’s hard for Mom too!

The kids got to see their first Moose last week, a young bull right in the next door yard!

I got to see my first newborn moose calf last Saturday. How precious!! And my first wolf tracks.

Nature is so close and still part of daily life here. Not removed or pushed away by civilization.

The one drawback, or complaint, if I could have one… the mosquitoes. They are vicious, and so numerous coming at you in swarms. The locals are saying that this is the worst year that they’ve seen in a long time. What a welcome!

On the bright side, the weather has been simply amazing. High 60s to low 70s since we’ve been here. The kids were even able to wade in the inlet without freezing themselves this week. Not a drop of rain since we’ve been here, but the fire danger is also elevated due to that. Today it is cooler, only in the 50s so far. Need a sweater on today!

I’m blessed with a few faithful friends here. Going above and beyond to help us settle and make our new life here. I thank YHVH for them.