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Daily Archives: June 2nd, 2013


I’m sitting here looking out my window seat portal at the front of this big jet engine and the tops of fluffy clouds that look like snow. I’ve only got about 40 minutes left in the air and we’ll be touching down at Ted Stevens. It still doesn’t seem possible, my nerves are finally settled after flying with my kids for the first time, I don’t have any apprehension, and I’m anxiously awaiting my soft hotel bed. 😉
My kids are all asleep. Thankfully for this leg of the flight, we were seated forward in the plane and have ample leg-room and aren’t so crowded.
Thing 1 and Thing 2 are seat mates across the aisle from me and Little Bit. She’s sleeping leaning over on the arm rest covered up in her United blanket. The lucky fellow that got seated between us certainly had a work out on this flight. Poor guy.

The plane is loaded, not an empty seat to be found. So many unusual and interesting people on these flights to Alaska.

Even though I can’t see the change in altitude, I can feel it. This is our second major descent in the past half hour. The tops of the clouds are getting closer. And now and then I see a break in the clouds and mountain tops peeking through. Our approach is different from my last trip. Flying over the mountains, simply gorgeous!The pilot says 30 more minutes. 50 degrees with 20 mph southeasterly winds in Anchorage. Some turbulence but not as bad as flying into Denver.
It’s been a great flight!

Alaska welcomes us home!